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Cubbington Church of England Primary School | Staffing
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Teaching Staff


Mrs J Jones –  Head Teacher
Mrs J Edmonds – Year 2 Teacher (Assistant Head)
Mrs E Jenks – Year 6 Teacher (Assistant Head)
Mr T Lester – Reception Teacher
Mrs C Lester – Year 1 Teacher
Mrs A Chakrabarti – Year 3 Teacher
Mrs J Caress – Year 3 Teacher
Mrs L Arben – Year 4 Teacher
Miss L Watts – Year 5 Teacher
Mrs L May – Year 2 and Year 6 Cover Teacher


Non-Teaching staff


Mrs J Godfrey – Finance Officer
Miss A James– School Administrator

Mrs S Roy – School Administrator
Mrs M Richardson – Teaching Assistant (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Neal– Teaching Assistant (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)
Mrs T Malin – Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Batsford – Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Frondella – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Hughes– Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Eyton – Teaching Assistant
Miss M Price – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Paddem – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Connor – Teaching Assistant

Mr T Roberts – Teaching Assistant

Ms S Dalton – Teaching Assistant
Mr D Ellicott – ICT Apprentice
Mr H Burnell – Sports Apprentice
Mrs T Day – Senior Midday Supervisor/Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Legon – Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Ahson  – Midday Supervisor
Mrs M Perry – Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Connor – Midday Supervisor
Miss S Freeman – Midday Supervisor
Mrs B Quantril – Midday Supervisor

Mrs A Smith – Midday Supervisor

Ms C Manley – Midday Supervisor

Mrs M Bajaj – Midday Supervisor
R Dewey – Caretaker
R Atkins – Cleaner

N Hancox – Cleaner


Kitchen Staff


Jennie Berry – Cook
Gemma Gold – Deputy


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Our latest OFSTED Report

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Their goal is to achieve excellence in education and skills for learners of all ages, and in the care of children and young people.


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